Shane Edwards and Sarah Watson

“They made it so easy and got rid of our stress.”

In less than twelve months the team at Macquarie First helped us build and set up our first investment property using our super. They helped us at every stage including organising an expert to setup our finances, seeking out tenants, who will move in straight after the handover. It couldn’t have run more smoothly during the process, I didn’t think the process of setting up a rental property would be as easy as it was with Chase Macquarie First. They made it so easy and took the stress away from us. I totally recommend you have one of their in home consultants come and see you.



John and Alicia Randell

“They helped me purchase an investment property in Fern Bay, It all ran smoothly and now twelve months later we are building our second investment property”

I was introduced to them by another father at my daughters soccer team who encouraged me to meet with Macquarie First and experience their services which I did 18 months ago. They helped me sort out my finances, Insurances and purchase an investment property in Ipswich, It all went so smoothly and now we are looking to go again and build our next investment property with the team at Macquarie First. They introduced us to a property manager to find tenants for our second property which is on the Gold Coast (who even gave us a three year rental guarantee) who managed to organise tenants before we had even got the keys for the property.

Since my first experience with Macquarie First, I have referred four others players parents in my daughters team to Macquarie First to utilise their services. Wayne Perry has purchased three investment properties using their services; and James, Tony and John have each gone ahead used Macquarie Firsts’ services to build an investment property each. Their services are extremely good, which is why I’m more than willing to recommend them to others.


Ben Robertson

“We have dramatically grown our asset base helping us build our wealth. We have no hesitation in highly recommending the team at  Macquarie First”

Early last year, my wife and I met with Macquarie First.

Since that time we have gone from having our own home, to having that property and two investment properties that are fully rented out. Know we have a third investment on the way to being completed. Due to this my tax bracket has been dropped from over 40% to 25%, which helps us payoff our debt on a weekly basis in addition it has given us a great mortgage reduction plan.

Also our asset base has grown significantly which will help us build wealth. We have no hesitation at all in recommending the services of Macquarie First, and personally we would like to thank the team at Macquarie First for their guidance and assistance during our journey so far.


Gerald and Samantha Teagan

“They explained the wealth strategy concept in easy understandable terms and provided us immediate feedback each step of the way”

My partner and I were extremely impressed with the Macquarie First team. They explained the wealth strategy concept in easy understandable terms and provided us immediate feedback each step of the way

Gary, Mathew and Joe were very friendly and extremely professional through each step of the process. Even though we had some unavoidable problems along the way the Macquarie First team kept us fully updated and endeavoured to make sure we received the best possible outcome. They looked after every aspect of the investment process and as a result we have tenants in and are on our way to creating our own financial security in our latter years.

I can’t recommend Macquarie First enough to anyone thinking of buying an investment property and/or having their financial life improved.